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Most companies cannot experience financial success without CFO skills, and not every company can afford to pay the costs for a full-time or even interim CFO. The average annual salary for a full-time CFO in a small- to medium-sized business ranges from $94,250 to $175,750, according to a Salary Guide by Robert Half International, Inc.
However, every company can afford a part-time CFO. As a seasoned CFO with the skills and connections, I can help your company navigate through the challenges that accompany growth and expansion. As your part-time CFO, I can provide you with the CFO skills needed to experience financial success at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. See the "Typical CFO Responsibilities" below.
My fees are flexible and fit within a budget you can afford. My services start as little as a few hundred dollars per month. I also have special rates for non-profit organizations.
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Typical CFO Responsibilities
(Controller & Treasurer)

Controller Responsibilities:

  • Accounting (Financial Reporting, Internal Accounting/Audit, and Tax Reports & Filing)
  • Payables (Accounts Payable and Payroll)
  • Budget & Financial Planning (Capital Budgeting and Financial Planning)
  • Management Information Systems
  • Credit & Accounts Receivable
  • External Auditor Relations

Treasurer Responsibilities:

  • External Financing (Borrowing, Leasing, and Investor Relations)
  • Cash Management (Collection/Concentration, Disbursements, Short-Term Investing, and Financial Institution Administration)
  • Risk Management (Interest Rate Risk Management, Insurance, and Foreign Exchange Rate Risk Management)
  • Employee Benefit Fund Management

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Chief Financial Officer for Rent
(Part-Time CFO)
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